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Life feels great when you're proud of your actions and being who you want to be.

It's possible even if you're stuck in habits that feel impossible to shake right now.

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Feel like Stress has you on Auto Pilot?

After a long, stressful day of conquering challenges, seeking solace and comfort is natural. You find yourself  succumbing to a series of default habits that promise relief—overeating, overdrinking, overscheduling, over scrolling. Initially disguised as rewards, these habits offer temporary respite from your life’s pressures. Yet, unbeknownst to you, they slowly transform into punishments, taking you further away from the lifestyle you deserve.

You're smart, motivated, determined, and honest. how are your default habits affecting

Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach - Robin McIntire

I'm Robin

Let's tweak your unwanted habits to create a lifestyle you're proud of.

I’ve helped hundreds of women prioritize their health and become more confident in every part of their lives. What I know from championing women for the past 40+ years, and walking my own journey, is that we women can be damn hard on ourselves.  Put that harsh judgment on top of habits we’re not proud of, and we can get stuck with our inner critic beating us over the head and keeping us in looping thoughts of powerlessness. 

 Imagine being your most vibrant and powerful self, knowing just how to calm yourself and excuse that nagging inner critic on demand. It’s time to make conscious choices affirming your worthiness and create a life that celebrates your strength, and I’d be honored to help you do it!

After working with me, you'll...

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Use my 10 Powerful Thoughts to remind you how powerful you are in your “health” life!

You’re winning in most areas of your life,
but the unwanted habits you turn to when stressed have you worried.

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If you're exhausted from being on auto-pilot, there's good news

stress is not the boss of you; Elevate and create high-vibe habits that will bring you a lifestyle you're proud of

My 6-month coaching program empowers highly motivated women to break free from unhealthy habits, align their lifestyle with their values, and embrace a vibrant lifestyle they can be proud of. Clients will explore a higher level of thinking and being in a safe, judgment-free environment. Through the ELI Assessment, they better understand their energy levels and habitual behaviors so they can truly change from a place of wanting to, not having to. They learn to question their desires and replace all-or-nothing thinking with manageable steps towards lifestyle change.

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