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Whether it’s managing a major life shift, letting go of unwanted habits, or looking to feel inspired again, I help my clients find clarity, shift their perspectives, and give them powerful tools to help them trust their choices, regain their confidence, and get their power back.

These tools become practices that create and foster self-awareness, higher levels of energy, and less judgment so their mind can feel peace,  unwanted habits can be cleared, and new possibilities can be seen.

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We all know that willpower wanes, yet we still make ourselves wrong for not having “enough” of it.  Breaking habits isn’t dependent on willpower and there’s a way to create what you want without white-knuckling it.

Robin McIntire Mindset & Empowerment Coach for Women

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Robin McIntire, CPC, ELI-MP, CTDS

Certified Life and Transitions Coach

I’ve been championing women for 42 years and it never gets old.  I love to stand for and encourage my clients to get clear about who they are, own what they want, and know that they’re deserving of whatever that is.  I want women to be so brave and self-aware that they get out of auto-pilot and obligation, and into conscious choice (aka freedom). My greatest hope for everyone is to fully embrace our one precious life by living with intention and purpose, engaging mind, body, AND spirit.

Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize.

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Feeling unsure or stuck is usually accompanied by confusion, guilt, and self-doubt.  Getting clarity around your personal challenges can create quick insights and a lot of relief.  Saying yes to the first steps are like ripping off the band aid, it’s never as bad as we think.

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