5 Minutes to a Better Mood

5 Minutes To A Better Mood

Quickly change your mood any time, anywhere!

We are responsible for our mood, so let’s keep it working in our favor!

Do you have those days or moments when you catch yourself in a funk and seem like you just can’t kick it?  You want to be in a better mood but can’t get yourself there?  I believe that we all go through this and am here to remind us that we have the power to change these moments!

I’m choosing this topic today because I’ve found myself looking for a better mood during a little pity party! (gasp!)

Days like this remind me why writing helps us to connect to ourselves and others more easily.  After several days of staying stuck in whoa is me, these unknown food allergies and skin issues are getting so old, I woke up this morning with a humbling Aha.  Yes, I want to be in a better mood, but what happened to my philosophy of attitude is everything?  And happiness is a choice?  Along with my belief that it’s totally our choice how we deal with things?  I actually laughed at myself and decided it’s time to accept what’s going on. Time to preach to the choir.  Time to practice what I preach!  I’m not the only person on the planet that may be experiencing some frustration and discomfort, there are many people who are suffering in a much more serious way!

When it’s time to snap out of it, and get to that better mood, here’s what I believe works:

*Put your finger on it. Why are you grumpy?

Sometimes we don’t even know what’s going on with ourselves, we just know we aren’t at our best.  I believe we deal with resolution better when we know what thoughts need to be tweaked.  (I realized most of my bad mood was coming from being in resistance to my present reality.  Not accepting what is going on.)  It can be like a little game if we stay out of judgment with ourselves.

*We must decide we want to feel different, pulling it together is a choice.

It’s our responsibility to make ourselves happy.  I can choose to have a good day in spite of the issues that I’m experiencing.  I’m a decision away from getting some good energy back in order to be more productive and pleasant to be around.

*Spin it!  Find the upside.

For my example above, the good that can come from this episode of uncertainty is knowing that I will be eating even cleaner.  I’m building character during this challenge, my body is rebelling and I have to figure out why.  Hopefully, I can help more clients that may experience the same or similar things with their diet.  I’m also humbled as my face has some really ugly days (not kidding, it’s scary!)

*Be grateful, be grateful, be grateful!

Think of all the things you are grateful for, there should be many.  These things can seem small, things that we take for granted.  Your breath, the roof over your head, the clean air you’re breathing.  The bigger ones are more obvious but can still be taken for granted.  Your partner or spouse, your siblings and/or your kids, your friends, pets, and neighbors, your health, etc.  Practicing gratitude is very powerful and has become a big movement.  If you haven’t already boarded the train, I invite you now. 🙂  (I’m learning that it really is a practice.)


Here are some tangibles to help you get into a better mood in 5 minutes:

*Turn on your favorite music! 

If it’s loud and upbeat, start dancing!  I’m talking like cray-cray dancing!  If you’re somewhere that isn’t possible, visualize it all (and keep it cray-cray, fun!). If it’s slow and soothing, sit tall and take long, deep breaths with happy thoughts!  Same thing here- if you have to visualize it, go for it!  I’m a huge believer in visualization.

*Call that one person that totally loves you the way you are and make the conversation all about them!

*Get outdoors!  Walk, run, whatever.  Fresh air + gratitude can straighten up a mood speedy-fast!

*Down a cool glass of water, hydration is always a mood helper!

*Put down the sugar. Seriously, right now.  It’s a go-to when we feel crappy, but it’s adding to your misery not comforting you.

*Write a letter or card to someone that could use some lifting up today!  I don’t know anyone that isn’t touched by something handwritten delivered through snail mail, be the giver…

In closing, I have to pass along a fun phrase to you that I got from a mentor several years back. Be The Spin Master!  (Take all things negative and turn them into a positive.)  I hope this phrase resonates with you and will stay close to the surface for you like it has me- it helps us keep our bad moods short and get on with our powerful selves!

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