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You may feel...

Unsure, stuck, or uninspired.

You know that you’re a go-getter.  In fact, you have perfectionistic tendencies and you don’t like to settle.  You’ve always been one to set and go after goals, but something feels off. Certain habits are gnawing at you, you’ve fallen into auto-pilot in ways that aren’t serving you and you’re not totally trusting yourself.  What used to work, isn’t working anymore and you’re tired of doubling yourself.  

Whether in your business life or your personal life, you’re ready for a change.  You may know what to do and just can’t get yourself to do it, or maybe you can’t put your finger on it- you just know it’s been a while since you’ve felt in touch with the part of you that shows up no matter what.    What makes it worse is you think you should be able to figure it out on your own, and the thought of asking for help makes you feel weak.  

Believe you can and you're halfway there.

Start believing, and I'll guide you the rest of the way

Hey there!

I'm Robin McIntire, CPC, ELI-MP, CTDS

I’m a certified Life and Transitions Coach.  I work with ambitious women who have gotten off track in their personal or professional lives or are going through a major life shift.  Many of my clients are feeling stuck in unwanted habits, all-or-nothing thinking, or are looking to get some passion they’ve lost along the way.  I help them get clarity, shift their perspectives and routines, and give them powerful tools to return to their confident way of being and a life they love.

Robin McIntire Coach

My Story

About Robin McIntire

I’m not proud of my familiarity with getting off track in life, being stuck in unwanted habits, or identifying as a struggler.  The following snippets come from different times when I lost my way. They had the hardest lessons but have also placed me here, sharing and fulfilling what I believe is my calling.

Being stuck in bulimia during high school taught me how damaging self-loathing behaviors can lead to darkness, secrecy, and an emotional black hole. It also taught me that not getting professional help prolonged my suffering.  

A significant bump in our marriage years ago taught me that my unhealthy perfection and co-dependency were part of our problem. (And I thought it was all his fault!)  Thankfully, we invested in therapy and will be celebrating our 42nd anniversary in 2024!

More Silver Linings

Being an unsure Entrepreneur taught me that guilt and not feeling successful enough was creating more indecision and questions about my worthiness. I still wonder today where I’d be if I hadn’t  hired a coach (that, by the way, I couldn’t afford)!

My relationship with alcohol taught me how easy it is to get into a rut and lose trust in my self-promises and that “fun” choices can turn into unwanted habits that are harder than we think to break.  In 2021, I honored my vision of becoming a women who doesn’t drink.  I can’t put a price on the freedom I feel from that decision.

My challenges led me to therapy, and coaching, and along the way, I fell in love with Personal Development.  Without the clarity I got from coaching, I believe I’d still be a personal trainer wishing I could help women on a deeper level.  

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the gifts of struggle

Professional Credentials

I’ve been championing women in different ways for 42 years.  I believe it’s all led to what I’m doing now as a Certified Life and Transitions coach, and I couldn’t be happier or feel more grateful. 

When I found IPEC, I was looking for an accredited, globally-recognized coach training school, so I could gain strong credibility as a professional coach. With 20+ years as an ICF-accredited program, iPEC stands out in the world of coach training with accreditations and partnerships. 

This chapter of supporting and guiding women to get more connected to themselves (self-awareness and a higher consciousness) is the most rewarding work I’ve ever done.

IPEC Certifications

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