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ditch the diets, release unwanted weight and get peaceful with food.

You may feel...

like you're Not in charge of your body and health

You’re successful in most other areas of your life, but you’re at a loss for why living a healthier lifestyle is alluding you. Each day, you start out determined to fit in exercise and eat “healthier,” but then life happens. With your busy life, you’re tired all the time and desperate for more energy, but exercising feels like a chore.

You know that what you eat plays an important part in health, but your food choices aren’t serving you and you’re having a hard time breaking the cycle. You’re so determined in the morning, and by evening, you just throw in the towel and eat whatever gets in your way! You’re so over dieting, yet you’re not about to settle for feeling crappy.

Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach - Robin McIntire

I understand...

the cycle of self sabotage, broken promises and mean self talk which slowly eats away self-confidence.

Robin McIntire - Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach

Hi, I'm Robin.
I hated my body and myself. Food was the boss of me and life was scary.

My career in the fitness industry started in 1981 with certifications in group fitness and aerobics. (I added Personal Training from 2002-2021.)

When I started, I didn’t feel worthy but knew I needed to put myself in a position that would help me trust myself again.  I had been out of control, hiding bulimia during high school. I found my way out of the dark behaviors many years ago, but the psychological healing process has been a long journey I couldn’t have imagined. 

True transformation of any kind takes time, energy, patience, and a TON of self-love.  I wouldn’t trade what I’ve discovered for anything.  Food is not the boss of me or you, but our thoughts, if not monitored, can be.

Finding compassion for myself has created a passion to help others do the same. I want every woman to look back at her mistakes as stepping stones and life lessons so she can move on to create whatever she craves in her life.

i want every woman to look at her missteps as life lessons and stepping stones so she can move on to create through self-love, whatever she craves for herself.

Your food story may be different than mine, but I get you!

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10 Powerful Thoughts

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Shifting your thinking can have a real impact on your weight loss journey. When you practice these 10 powerful thoughts each day, you’ll improve your mindset, stay motivated, and have a better chance at successfully achieving your goals.