You may feel...

like you're Not in charge of your body and health

You’re successful in most other areas of your life, but you’re at a loss for why living a healthier lifestyle is alluding you. Each day, you start out determined to fit in exercise and eat “healthier,” but then life happens. With your busy life, you’re tired all the time and desperate for more energy, but exercising feels like a chore.

You know that what you eat plays an important part in health, but your food choices aren’t serving you and you’re having a hard time breaking the cycle. You’re so determined in the morning, and by evening, you just throw in the towel and eat whatever gets in your way! You’re so over dieting, yet you’re not about to settle for feeling crappy.

Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach - Robin McIntire
About Robin McIntire

I understand...

the cycle of self sabotage, broken promises and mean self talk which slowly eats away self-confidence.

Hi, I'm Robin.

Being a recovering perfectionist, I understand how trying to get it all perfect creates self-doubt, not-enoughness, and procrastination.  I’ve experienced overcoming bulimia and being stressed out about food and my body.  

In 1980, I signed up for a 6-week introductory offer at an all-ladies gym. I was desperate to change my ways. I was still dealing with an eating disorder that no one knew about (or, so I thought! How embarrassing, right?!). 

Within a few weeks, I was approached by one of the exercise “techs” asking if I’d ever considered teaching. As scared as I was, I knew I needed accountability so I followed the invitation all the way through 3 levels of certification, becoming the assistant manager, and finally the manager of the “Figure Salon.” I knew I had to keep showing up, and I did.

Overcoming obstacles make us strong.  In 2019, with the help of an acceptional physical therapist and a great surgeon, I got a disc replaced in my neck after 10 years of I’ll deal with it and no one is cutting on my spine!  Working with the PT has made me a better trainer and also helps me be firm with clients about addressing the pain that dampens our spirits and keeps us from being our best.  

Healthy food choices and moving our bodies are both very important for transformation, but for permanent change, we must be able to emotionally check in.  This is an ongoing practice of self-awareness, self-love, and a deep knowing that we’re worth it.

Now, I work from a more relaxed energy instead of a place of forceful hustle. I am not my body and food is no longer the boss of me.  When it comes to exercise, I need to be gentler on my body and I’m good with that. (60 is approaching quickly!) 

I wouldn’t trade any of my past struggles because they’ve helped create who I am.  Now, I get to share with others by reaching out my hand and saying I get you.

I love what I do because I get to reassure women as they find their own answers, choices, and freedom with food, their body, and their life!

I've helped hundreds of women see themselves differently, lightening their load mentally so they could give themselves grace on their way to their goal

I'd love to help you, too!

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