Decide if now is a Good Time to Release Weight or Not

Have you been beating yourself up for not losing weight that you think you need or should release? Are you exhausted from the push-pull energy affecting your life?

I want this post to carry some serious weight with you.  (Pun intended).Today, I want to help you make a decision about whether it’s time to address your desire to release weight or not.  Stick with me until the end if you think it gets crazy.  Trust me on this.

The decision doesn’t have to be hard.

It comes down to NO OR GO. 

Deciding, either way, can relieve you of the negative energy that cognitive dissonance creates.

Do you like your reasons for wanting to lose weight?  Are they emotionally pulling you towards a commitment with anticipation, belief, and openness?


Are you on the fence? Do you believe what it will take will be too hard? Are you feeling indifferent?  Are you feeling pressured and panicked with an internal voice that’s been beating the sh*% out of you and creating backward momentum (but you’re afraid to let up)?

For your own self, get really honest here.  You can change your mind at any time.

Choice A is a no-brainer, right?  You can start small and keep showing up if you’re being pulled from a place of inspiration.  You don’t have to have a perfect plan as long as you are willing to stay committed.  (That doesn’t mean perfect, just committed.)

Here’s a link to some serious tips if you’re already moving forward with your weight-releasing journey.

If Choice B feels like your no-brainer right now, don’t make yourself wrong.  It’s ok if, right now, you’re not ready to make changes.  Just OWN IT so you can spend your energy on what you are committed to.  Give yourself space (and grace) from the goal at this time.

Yes.  You read that correctly.  Freedom is owning your choices.

We all experience the tug-of-war feelings around decisions.  As long as we stay confused, we don’t have to choose. But the problem with staying undecided, is we stay stuck.  Our daily thoughts are weighed down by woulda, shoulda, coulda, still-need-to’s.  


I invite you to get out of the tug-of-war now. Choose a decision and try it out.  It’s up to you now and will be up to you if want to choose differently.

Just choose.  It’s O.K.!


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