Episode 1 – Navigating Shame and Habits with Empathy and Awareness

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Episode 1 - Navigating Shame and Habits with Empathy and Awareness

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Episode Notes

In this episode of Shift Happens, hosts, Robin McIntire, a certified life and transitions coach, and Monique Eckes, delve into the topic of ‘secret struggles that create shame on autopilot,’ drawing on personal stories and the insightful quote from Brene Brown on shame’s thrive on secrecy, silence, and judgment vs. its dissipation with empathy. Robin shares her own battle with bulimia, exploring how shame around secret habits misaligns us from our true selves and perpetuates a cycle of negative feelings and behaviors.

The discussion emphasizes the importance of recognizing ‘the tap on the shoulder’—an awareness of habits that no longer serve us—and the significance of choosing the right people to share with, aiming to replace judgment with observation. The episode concludes with actionable advice on introspection through journaling, the value of vulnerability with the right support system, and encourages listeners to be observers, not judges, of their own journey towards change.

00:00 Welcome to Shift Happens: Unpacking Shame and Secrets
00:31 Robin’s Personal Journey: Confronting Bulimia and Shame
00:53 The Power of Empathy: Breaking the Cycle of Shame
03:32 Privacy vs. Secrets: Navigating Personal Boundaries
05:16 The Importance of Safe Spaces and Trust in Healing
07:50 Journaling and Self-Reflection: Tools for Self-Discovery
09:27 Closing Thoughts: Embracing Change and Self-Compassion
11:57 Shift Happens: Encouragement and Resources

Next week's topic: Getting off the fence (Indecision!)

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