Episode 10 – The Power of the Pause

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Episode 10 - The Power of the Pause

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Episode Notes

Harnessing the Power of Pause:  Conscious Choices for a Lighter Life

In this episode of ‘Shift Happens,’ certified life coach Robin McIntire and co-host Monique Eckes discuss the concept of the ‘power of the pause’ and its role in making conscious choices. They delve into strategies for aligning immediate behavior with long-term goals, avoiding knee-jerk reactions, and achieving emotional maturity. Through practical examples and exercises, such as the domino effect worksheet, listeners are encouraged to practice pausing, visualizing potential outcomes, and making empowered decisions. The episode also highlights the importance of grace and self-compassion when navigating life’s daily challenges.

00:00 Introduction to the Podcast
00:26 Understanding the Power of the Pause
00:45 Aligning Goals with Present Actions
01:54 Making Conscious Choices
03:49 Playing It Through: A Practical Exercise
05:44 Real-Life Examples and Scenarios
10:43 Empowering Food Choices
11:33 Playing It Through: Real-Life Examples
13:08 The Power of the Pause
13:32 Grace and Honoring Choices
14:03 Mindful Eating: Enjoy or Avoid
17:07 The Domino Effect Worksheet
19:02 Stop, Drop, and Choose Your Role
19:57 Action Steps for Conscious Choices
21:41 Conclusion and Resources

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The Domino Effect

This playful guide helps you see the chain reaction of your habits, helping you identify what behavior patterns are/aren’t serving you, and how to make a doable action plan.

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