Episode 11 – Season 1 Recap, Extras and Outtakes

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Episode 11 - Season 1 Recap

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Episode Notes

Season One Recap: Unpacking Insights and Personal Growth

In this podcast episode, Robin McIntire, a certified life and transitions coach, and Monique Eckes, co-host and primary question asker, recap the first 10 episodes of their podcast, ‘Shift Happens.’ The duo revisits major themes and lessons, ranging from dealing with shame and guilt, overcoming perfectionism, embracing healthier lifestyles, and the importance of sleep.

They delve into more personal topics like Robin’s journey to living alcohol-free and Monique’s weight loss success. The conversation highlights the significance of self-awareness, managing the inner critic, combating the fear of success, and how to effectively handle the fear of others’ opinions. They also discuss the power of slowing down to become more efficient and the importance of making conscious choices through the ‘power of the pause.’

Designed to address life’s challenges from a lighter perspective, the episode emphasizes that self-awareness and intentional living are crucial for personal growth. They encourage listeners to revisit the episodes for deeper understanding, share the content, and submit their ideas for future topics.

00:00 Introduction and Podcast Overview
00:37 Celebrating the Journey So Far
02:26 Connecting Episodes and Themes
03:24 Deep Topics and Trigger Warnings
05:09 Episode Recaps Begin
05:39 Episode 1: Secret Struggles and Shame
08:21 Episode 2: Sitting on the Fence
12:38 Episode 3: You Can’t Bully Your Way to Your Goals
15:33 Episode 4: Weighing in on a Healthier Lifestyle
19:59 Reflecting on Life’s Trajectory
22:14 Fear of Success: A Hidden Block
24:16 The Cure for Road Rage
26:35 Fear of Other People’s Opinions
29:50 Slow Down to Go Fast
33:02 The Power of the Pause
36:20 Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

Coming Soon: Season 2 on July 11!

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