Episode 12 – Resistance is Real and So are our Goals

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Episode 12 - Resistance is Real and So Are Our Goals

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In this episode, the discussion centers around the reality of resistance and its interplay with our goals. A certified life and transitions coach, Robin McIntire is joined by Monique Eckes, an inquisitive question-asker. Today, they explore why we experience resistance even towards things we desire, discussing common behaviors like avoidance and the scenarios where we know what to do but don’t do it. Join us as we normalize resistance, discuss its manifestations, share strategies to overcome it and pursue our goals with renewed vigor.

00:12 – Today’s Topic: Exploring resistance and its impact on achieving goals.
00:19 – Understanding Resistance: Why do we resist what we want to achieve?
1:45 – Real-Life Examples: Discuss common scenarios of resistance encountered in coaching.
2:01 – Vision Boards and Goals: Insights on why people struggle with the same goals year after year.
3:20 – Tactics to Overcome Resistance: Strategies to move past inaction and align actions with goals.
5:19 – Interactive Segment: Monique shares personal challenges and insights into overcoming resistance.
7:07 – Understanding the Brain’s Role: Discuss how our brain contributes to resistance.
9:34 – Practical Steps to Combat Resistance: Tips on acknowledging and moving past resistance.
11:55 – Sponsor Break and Special Offer: Introduction to Spark Plus sessions with a promotional offer.
13:52 – Final Thoughts: Emphasizing the importance of action despite resistance.
15:29 – Closing Remarks: Recap and invitation to engage with the podcast online.

Please tune in to understand resistance and learn actionable steps to embrace and move through it!

Next week's topic: Chaotic Urgency vs. Relaxed Intensity

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