Episode 2 – Navigating Indecision – The Cost of Sitting on the Fence

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Episode 2 - Navigating Indecision - the cost of sitting on the fence

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Episode Notes

In this episode of the Shift Happens podcast, hosts Robin McIntyre and Monique Eckes explore the theme ‘sitting on the fence gives you splinters,’ discussing the emotional tug-of-war caused by indecision and how it drains energy. They delve into the concept of push-pull energy, where an individual’s desire for change is counteracted by their resistance to it, leading to a state of indecisiveness.

Robin shares personal examples, including her decision to reconsider her wine consumption post-COVID, to illustrate how staying indecisive is essentially a form of self-sacrifice that wastes energy and keeps one from living their best life. The talk highlights practical steps for getting off the fence, emphasizing self-awareness, owning decisions, and the importance of self-compassion.

The episode concludes with a discussion on a free resource available on Robin’s website designed to help listeners make decisions and move away from unwanted habits. The podcast encourages listeners to observe their actions and decisions honestly to understand better whether they are genuinely content or merely tolerating unsatisfactory states of being.

00:00 Welcome to Shift Happens: Navigating Life’s Challenges
00:30 Understanding the Push-Pull of Indecisiveness
01:50 A Personal Journey: The Wine Dilemma
05:57 The Heavy Cost of Sitting on the Fence
06:55 Self-Reflection and Making Decisions
09:00 Exploring Excuses and Self-Awareness
09:53 The Power of Noticing and Sponsor Segment
12:07 Concluding Thoughts: Emotional Tug of War

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1 thought on “Episode 2 – Navigating Indecision – The Cost of Sitting on the Fence”

  1. I loved it. Thanks Robin. You also look great. I’m of the fence. I don’t have any wine unless out with friends which has been forever!! I hope to see you soon. Lynn

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