Episode 3 – You Can’t Bully Your Way To Your Goals

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Episode 3 - You Can't Bully Your Way To Your Goals

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Episode Notes

In this episode of the Shift Happens podcast, hosts Robin McIntire, a life and transitions coach, and Monique Eckes delve into the topic of self-criticism and its impact on achieving personal goals. They discuss the common tendency, especially among women, to use self-bullying as a misguided motivational tool.

Drawing on Robin’s experience with bulimia, they discuss how perfectionism and a harsh inner critic can hinder progress by creating resistance and self-sabotage. They explore the consequences of internalizing negative self-talk and the importance of distinguishing between harmful criticism and protective instincts.

The episode offers practical advice on befriending and managing one’s inner critic, emphasizing self-compassion and understanding. Robin introduces a free PDF guide designed to help listeners discern between relaxed and panicked energy, further aiding in managing the inner critic. Finally, the hosts encourage engaging with one’s supportive inner voice, using personal anecdotes to illustrate how adopting a loving and encouraging perspective towards oneself can facilitate achieving goals and overall well-being.

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Energy! Grind and Flow

In this guide, you’ll learn the distinction between Grind and Flow energy, that helped me change my relationship with my inner critic. 

Episode Timing

00:00 Welcome to Shift Happens: Navigating Life’s Challenges
00:25 The Myth of Bullying Yourself to Success
01:07 Understanding the Inner Critic
02:07 The Impact of a Harsh Inner Critic
04:21 Personal Stories of Overcoming Self-Criticism
06:42 Shifting Perspectives: From Criticism to Compassion
09:34 Practical Advice for Befriending Your Inner Critic
12:09 Closing Thoughts: Embracing Self-Love and Compassion

Next week's topic: Weighing In on a healthier Lifestyle

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