Episode 4 – Weighing In On A Healthier Lifestyle

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Episode 4 - Weighing In On A Healthier Lifestyle

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Episode Notes

In this episode of ‘Shift Happens,’ hosts Robin McIntire, a life and transitions coach, and Monique, delve into what it means to lead a healthier lifestyle, addressing its personal and subjective nature. They explore the concept of defining a healthier lifestyle on individual terms, examining unwanted habits, and the importance of clarity and motivation. Key steps to achieving a healthier lifestyle are discussed, including defining personal health goals, deciding on and giving up counterproductive habits, developing a new identity aligned with health goals, and dedicating time and resources to these goals.

The conversation also offers practical advice on overcoming obstacles like all-or-nothing thinking and emphasizes the power of belief in personal transformation. Listeners are encouraged to engage with the content by reflecting on their own health journeys and to use journaling as a tool for self-awareness and change.

00:00 Welcome to Shift Happens: Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle
00:32 Defining What a Healthier Lifestyle Means to You
01:58 Identifying and Overcoming Unwanted Habits
03:06 The Importance of Clarity and Defining Personal Health Goals
04:44 Finding Your ‘Why’ for a Healthier Lifestyle
06:30 Deciding to Make a Change: The First Steps Towards Weight Loss
09:33 Developing a Healthy Lifestyle Identity
10:33 Exploring Identity and Choice
11:10 The Power of Questions Over Statements
11:36 Practical Steps to Implementing Change
13:45 Avoiding Overwhelm and Embracing Mistakes
15:45 Sponsor Segment and Engaging with Robin
17:02 Recap and Actionable Steps Forward
19:56 Closing Thoughts and Invitation for Feedback

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