Episode 5 – Rocking Chair Moments

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Episode 5 - Rocking Chair Moments

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Finding Peace and Living Without Regret
In this episode of ‘Shift Happens,’ hosts Robin McIntire and Monique Eckes explore the concept of ‘rocking chair moments’ – reflecting on life from the vantage point of its end and assessing whether one has lived according to their values and dreams. Robin, a certified life and transitions coach, discusses using these moments as motivation to overcome fear and inertia, aiming to live fully and without regrets. Monique shares her curiosity and questions, leading to a deeper dive into avoiding regrets and making intentional choices.

The episode also touches on the impact of personal choices on life’s outcome, highlighted by a poignant story of Robin’s father’s battle with cancer and his ultimate regrets. The hosts offer practical advice on staying aware of life’s trajectory, honoring self-promises, and taking action towards a fulfilling life. Additionally, Robin promotes her coaching services, including a special offer for listeners.

00:00 Welcome to Shift Happens: Embracing Life’s Moments
00:27 Unpacking the Rocking Chair Moment: A Deep Dive
01:38 Personal Why: Robin’s Journey Against Regret
04:07 A Heartfelt Story: Learning from Regret and Loss
08:54 Sponsor Spotlight: Robin’s Coaching Offer
10:07 Actionable Steps to Live Without Regret
17:03 Closing Thoughts: Trust, Self-Awareness, and No Regrets

Next week's topic: Are You Hiding From Success?

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