Episode 6 – Are You Hiding From Success?

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Episode 6 - Are You Hiding From Success?

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Uncovering the Fear of Success with Shift Happens

In this episode of ‘Shift Happens,’ hosts Robin McIntire, a certified life and transitions coach, and Monique Ekis explore the concept of fearing success, a notion that may seem counterintuitive to many. The discussion sheds light on how underlying fears, such as the fear of responsibility, fear of maintenance, and fear of other people’s opinions (FOPO), can prevent individuals from achieving their goals. Robin shares personal insights and client experiences, emphasizing the importance of examining one’s beliefs about success and addressing any misconceptions.

The episode also covers practical strategies for overcoming these fears, such as reevaluating one’s beliefs, giving oneself grace, and understanding that definitions of success can change over time. Listener engagement is encouraged through actionable steps, like journaling, to identify and challenge personal beliefs around success. Additionally, Robin offers a special promotion for podcast listeners who have been curious about how coaching could help support them.

00:00 Welcome to Shift Happens: Unveiling the Podcast
00:34 Exploring the Paradox: Fear of Success
01:07 The Real Fear Behind Success: Responsibility and Loss
03:56 Personal Stories and Insights on Fear of Success
07:09 Redefining Success: Personal Journeys and Beliefs
13:07 Actionable Steps to Overcome Fear of Success
16:04 Closing Thoughts and Invitation to Explore Further

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