Episode 7 – The Cure for Road Rage

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Episode 7 - The Cure for Road Rage

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In this episode of Shift Happens, hosts Robin McIntire, a certified life and transitions coach, and Monique Eckes, the audience’s question-asker, delve into road rage remedies through compassion versus judgment. They use a unique analogy involving colorful glasses to explain how individuals interpret and react to others’ actions based on their experiences and beliefs.

The discussion emphasizes the importance of empathy in not just driving scenarios, but in various aspects of life such as family gatherings, social interactions, and social media. Robin offers practical advice on how shifting perspectives can lead to a more peaceful and connected life. The episode also highlights Robin’s coaching services and encourages listeners to reflect on their judgments and aim for a more compassionate outlook.

00:00 Welcome to Shift Happens: Navigating Life’s Challenges
00:30 The Groovy Glasses Introduction
00:58 Diving Into Compassion vs. Judgment
02:11 Understanding Perspectives Through Glasses
04:31 Expanding Beyond Road Rage: Applying Compassion in Life
08:18 The Importance of Choosing Compassion Over Judgment
11:51 Special Offer: Spark Plus Session with Robin
13:04 Engagement Request: Like, Subscribe, and Review
13:52 Final Thoughts: New View, New You
15:29 Closing Remarks and Invitation to Subscribe

Next week's topic: Do You Have FOPO (Fear of Other People's Opinions)?

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