Episode 8 – Do You Have FOPO?

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Episode 8 - Do You Have Fopo?

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Episode Notes

In this episode of the Shift Happens podcast, hosts Robin McIntIre, a Certified Life and Transitions Coach, and Monique Eckes delve into FOPO (Fear of Other People’s Opinions). They discuss how FOPO can impede goal setting and personal growth, and they emphasize the importance of managing rather than eliminating this fear. Through personal anecdotes, they illustrate the challenges and strategies for overcoming FOPO.

The episode also highlights a special offer on Robin’s Spark Sessions—a coaching service tailored to help clients achieve clarity and progress on their goals. The conversation encourages listeners to prioritize their own aspirations over the fear of external judgment, with actionable advice on how to navigate this common psychological barrier.

00:00 Welcome to Shift Happens: Unpacking FOPO
00:31 Understanding FOPO: Fear of Other People’s Opinions
01:01 The Impact of FOPO on Life and Goals
03:02 Personal Stories: Overcoming FOPO
06:53 Managing FOPO: Strategies and Insights
09:58 Sponsor Break: Spark Session Promo
12:31 Practical Tips for Managing FOPO
18:09 FOPO is Not the Boss of You: Empowerment and Conclusion

Next week's topic: Slow Down To Go Fast!

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