Episode 9 – Slow Down To Go Fast

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Episode 9 - Slow Down To Go Fast

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Episode Notes

In this episode of the Shift Happens podcast, hosts Robin McIntire, a certified life and transitions coach, and Monique Eckes, discuss the seemingly counterintuitive concept of ‘slowing down to go fast’. They delve into how to get out of autopilot and make thoughtful choices by shifting from ‘have to’ energy to ‘get to’ energy. Through practical examples and personal anecdotes, they illustrate the importance of grounding oneself, practicing self-awareness, and maintaining a calm mindset to make better, more productive decisions.

The episode includes a sponsor break promoting Robin’s ‘Grind vs Flow’ freebie and wraps up with concrete action steps and mantras to integrate these ideas into daily life.

00:34 Understanding ‘Slow Down to Go Fast’
01:35 Choosing Calm Over Panic
02:21 Practical Examples and Strategies
03:00 Mindset Shifts and Self-Awareness
03:14 Quality Over Quantity
04:22 The Power of ‘Get To’ vs ‘Have To’
05:19 Applying the Concept in Real Life
07:07 Activity: Managing Panicky Energy
11:55 Dealing with Doubt and Overwhelm
13:02 Recognizing and Slowing Down
15:17 Sponsor Break and Freebie Introduction
17:35 The Power of Breathing and Grounding
21:24 Concluding Thoughts and Resources

Next week's topic: The Power of the Pause

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