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Exercise Because You Can

The Number 1 Reason to Exercise

What’s the number one reason we should exercise? I say it’s because we can.  We’re capable, and it’s a gift, that’s why.  There are many …

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Weight Loss; Get Proactive Now With These 5 Steps

Weight Loss; Get Proactive Now With These 5 Steps

“As soon as ______________,  I’ll start my fitness and weight loss journey.” Sound familiar?  You know that changing things up is a must if you …

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When Is The Best Time To Exercise

What’s the Best Time to Exercise?

This week, I’m experimenting and being a little more spontaneous with what time I choose to work out.  I just had a thought as I …

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Workout Anywhere With Resistance Bands

Exercise Anywhere with Resistance Tubing

During a stay with my dad in New Mexico, his tractor caught my eye.  There was a great place for a workout!  With a little imagination, …

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We all know that willpower wanes, yet we still make ourselves wrong for not having “enough” of it.  Breaking habits isn’t dependent on willpower and there’s a way to create what you want without white-knuckling it.

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