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Healthy Habits 5-day Challenge!

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Give yourself a chance to let go of the struggle.

Why wait for more of the same...

Every time we break a self-promise it whittles away at our self-confidence. We end up lying to ourselves with a belief that somehow what we set out to do will be easier later.  The truth is when we wait until later, we’ve piled on more of what we don’t want (and usually the guilt that goes with it).  

If you think you’ve tried everything to change your ways- be it eating, exercising, evening or morning routines, I hope you’ll allow me into your email inbox for the next 6 days (a bonus freebie on day 6!)  An open mind and an all-in commitment can change your life. Baby steps and inner work take time, but so does staying the same!

This freebie comes directly from my signature program, Mind Body Do-Overs. Inner work for weight loss is my specialty, but this practice can help you change or create any habits! (And I’m bringing the fun with Magic Dominos!)

Here's what you can expect during the 5 day challenge

Each day for 5 days, I’ll show up in your email inbox with a video message and a funsheet that will help you see why you do what you do that you don’t like, why you don’t do what you would like, and clarity on how to change it in a fun and positive way!

There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re not alone, and you can get past the struggle with this practice. Help me help you see yourself as the person who used to struggle but are now calmly confident!

If you know your way isn't working , join the challenge and get your Sass back!

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Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach - Robin McIntire

Hi, I'm Robin

I help women with inner work to weight loss

Exercise and nutrition are only part of the transformation story; we must get to know and trust ourselves on a deep level so we can understand the thoughts and beliefs that have gotten us where we are.

Weight loss becomes easier when we change our beliefs about ourselves and our associations with food.
Also… when struggling is no longer an option.

I love partnering with clients who are coachable, curious, and open to giving fierce self-love a try!


I've been guiding women with their health for 41 years

and there is no-white knuckling required

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