How to Embrace the Inevitable Weight Loss Plateau so you can Get Past it Quicker

You’ve been kicking butt with your newly adopted routine.  Eating a certain way and (hopefully) exercising your body.  You get excited when the numbers on the scale start dropping.  Your clothes start feeling better and you’re sure that you will win this time.

And then… everything goes quiet.  It’s like your body stopped cooperating and started to betray you.  You’re doing all the “right” things but it’s not working like it was.

Welcome to the Plateau.

Because this feels like a mean joke and you’re probably beyond frustrated, I want to give you a few positives about this time of BODY PAUSE.

  1. After losing weight, maintenance can be a b-otch!  This is a chance for another level of patience and practice.
  2. Think of this time as an invitation to look back at your wins up to this point.  You’ve had them or you wouldn’t have had results.
  3. You’re adjusting to a new way of being.  Changing over a longer amount of time helps you believe that who you’re becoming is real because your body will be experiencing the emotional shift that comes with true transformation.

What to do for now:

When you practice finding better thoughts about where you are, your resistance will be lowered.  What that means, is you won’t be fighting with reality.  What that means, is self-sabotage will be less likely if you stay in a good head-space.  So, before giving up or going for deprivation, give these suggestions a try.


  1.  If you’ve been keeping a food log or journal, re-visit it.  SEARCH FOR ANSWERS on purpose.   What worked?  What didn’t?  What foods were you excited about at first and maybe set aside?  Have your portions crept up unintentionally by chance?  (If you’ve chosen a diet that is about cutting out food groups, be really honest about cravings and missteps).
  2. Look at your calendar.  SEARCH FOR CLUES on purpose.  What’s changed?  Where have you been and with whom?  Getting enough rest?  Did you happen to be exercising more regularly in the beginning and not as much now?   Two reasons that we can start falling away from a plan without realizing it are being exhausted and/or keeping company that isn’t conducive to our goals (because we justify our inactions from the stance of life-happens-to-me.  It’s like giving our power away).
  3. Re-choose your goal.  This can help you get excited again.  Be sure your reasons for losing more weight are still compelling.  (I did a Facebook Live Video on this topic in my Free Private FB Group if you could use an extra boost with your WHY.)
  4. Brain dump:  SEARCH FOR YOUR WINS on purpose.  What habits did you change that you’re proud of?  How many times did you work through temptations and how did you feel?  When did you honor your highest self over instant gratification?  Who noticed your commitment and has been cheering you on?  What did you do that you weren’t sure you could?
  5. Check all of your above information.
  6. All you have to do is find 1 thing that could be tweaked to start you back in the direction you want.
  7. If you find nothing at all above, some easy things to try that can help you get going again:  Drink (lots) more water.  Think lighter and earlier eats in the evening. (Lean protein + veggies for dinner leaving your other carbs for breakfast and lunch. Short-term only.)  Eat less restaurant food to keep sodium and hidden ingredients out of the picture.  Be sure you’re getting outside for fresh air, clarity, and your best JuJu!

***If you change more than 1 thing at a time, you won’t know what worked.  TRACK YOUR OBSERVATIONS FOR THE BEST RESULTS!

Be patient and kind with yourself.  Look for all the things you’re doing right.

Believe you have time.

Be thorough.  Commit to no quick-fix, crazy ideas because you are ready to feel different in your mind, your body, and your life.

Wishing you peace and patience during your plateau, you’ve got this!

I have created a program called MindBody Do-Overs that helps you learn the foundational pieces to lasting transformation.  When combined with 1:1 coaching, you get support and inspiration that help you connect with yourself in a new way so you can eventually be your best friend and coach.

I’m currently preparing some new workshops and retreats.  You can leave me your email address to stay in the loop (and get this free printable for some added inspiration)!


xo, Robin

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