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jump start!

You’re ready to invest in yourself short-term to get yourself going on your inner work to weight loss (or other health goals).  

You know that going it alone hasn’t worked and are ready for support in this 1:1 9-session package!  

The idea of commitment, clarity, support, and accountability excite you and you’re done waiting!

mind body do-overs signature program

This is for you if you’re done with quick-fix health ideas and you’re ready to befriend the part of yourself that’s been working against you.  

This 6-month 1:1 program is all about deep support and accountability to help you make true change.  

You’re ready to surrender to all things that haven’t worked and open to new possibilities.

Upcoming 2023 RETREAT

Join a special group of 10 women for a unique in-person 3-day weekend retreat. Experience personal growth, outdoor mountain time in beautiful Colorado, and new friendships.

Fall Weekend Retreat


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Give yourself a real chance to let go of the struggle with my FREE! 5-Day Healthy Habits Challenge.   Come with a beginner’s mind and find out how to really change your ways!  (PS…  I’m not asking you to do burpees or eat broccoli unless you choose to!)