Dip your Toe in the Water


Do a mini investment...

Come for some quick clarity and a chance to see how you feel in this coaching environment (Sessions are over ZOOM or the phone). Sometimes creating health or weight loss goals can be intimidating. 

You’ll have a safe space, extra eyes and ears to help you see and hear things you might not, and someone that believes in you and your goals.

You’ll leave inspired, with action steps that we create together.  

whatever you want to shift,
I'm here to get you started.

What if...

I have been where you are...

I know all about self-doubt and self-sabotage.  Sometimes we just need someone to hold us up for a few minutes to let us catch our breath and clear our lens.   

I definitely know the guilt that attaches itself to the thought I shouldn’t have to get help.

Here’s what happens when you jump in when you’re not sure:

1. You’ve busted a move towards solution.
2. You’ve made a decision which means you’ve already started to get unstuck.
3.  You’ve told yourself you’re worth the investment!
Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach - Robin McIntire

this mini offer will help you get clear on where you're starting from, where you want to go, and what needs to happen for you to start your weight loss journey

high impact mini shift

My Promise To You

I promise to not just listen to you, but hear you.  I have your back. I’m on this journey with you and will meet you where you are. I’ll ask you to reach for your highest self so you can live your healthiest life, the one that is true to you.

xo, Robin

Kind Words

I want you to know upfront

I won't...

I’m about seeing all of YOU and helping you design new ways of looking at yourself and your health. Because when you understand how your thoughts and beliefs lead to your actions and results, you can choose differently and become more of who you want to be! Transformation isn’t for the weak at heart AND it can be the coolest surrender you’ve ever gifted yourself.

Best part is… evolving is what we’re required to do in this life. So… when we agree to learn and “grow with the flow” we get to move with life instead of against it, which brings alignment and inner peace. Who doesn’t want that?!

Your Investment


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