2022 Fall Weekend Retreat

Join a special group of women for a unique experience of personal growth, outdoor mountain time, and new friendships

Women's Fall Weekend Retreat

September 2024 | details TBD

Stop Yo Yo Dieting and Exercise

Because right now...

You're wanting a much needed break!

Your Body is begging you to slow down and pay attention to yourself, being on autopilot isn’t working anymore.  You want to get connected with yourself, but not sure what to do to feel different.

Your mind has been offering up all kinds of not-so-kind messages about what you are and aren’t doing in your life and all it wants is to be peaceful.  You wake up every morning knowing you want to show up bigger in your life but the hamster wheel won’t stop calling your name.  You may not even know what you want, you just know something needs to change.

this time with like minded women may be exactly what you've been craving!


Are you ready to recharge your mind, body, and soul, connect deeply, and open yourself to new possibilities?

join us at the

Women's Fall Weekend Retreat

September 29 - October 2, 2022 | IDAHO SPRINGS, COLORADO

Come enjoy some YOU time while embracing like-minded women in an amazing cozy cabin in Idaho Springs, Colorado!

This 3-night stay is for 10 women who are ready for relaxation, connection, reflection, and playtime! My mission is to create a memorable experience that warms your heart and renews your soul.

We’ll be preparing tasty, healthy food and dining together, having journaling time, intimate conversations/group coaching, and enjoying plenty of free time!

In a nutshell, we’ll be creating an atmosphere that, let’s face it, doesn’t happen at home!

By the end of the retreat, you'll have...

Ready to treat yourself?
Let’s give you the permission and space you need to help you make a fun shift in your life!

Meet Your Coach, Robin

Doing my inner work has been life-changing and I love helping women feel brave in owning their stories, loving themselves to their best health, and being their own best friend.  Going into my 6th decade on the planet, I’ve been working with women (in some capacity or another!) for 40+ years, my superpowers are deep listening, reading between the lines, and helping women see themselves differently.

I’m selective of the women who want to be a part of my retreats to ensure I bring together a group of women who will honor each other with warmth, trust, and love. 

I’ve walked the path AND I am committed to helping women experience real breathroughs. It’s like being pulled towards possibilities with the attitude of “I get to” instead of being bullied into something because we “have to.”

What's Included

The weekend retreat is held at a spacious cabin in Idaho Springs, Colorado, for a long weekend of self-reflection, group coaching, and deep sharing

And, Free Time to spend...

Plus! After the Retreat BonusFollow-up 60-Minute 1:1 Coaching Session with Robin

Your Investment

Fall Retreat - September 2024 Details TBD

Retreat Love

This retreat is for you if...

Let's Do This!

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