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Helping busy women take control of their health and discover a fresh mindset to achieve the long-lasting results they crave

Stressed Unhealthy Woman

I feel you...

It feels like there isn’t enough time to figure out your self-care and yet, you’re not feeling good in your body. You’ve got low energy and discouraging thoughts are bringing you down.

You know what you need to do to lose weight or tone up but just can’t seem to do it. You’re frustrated because you’ve been resistant to change even though you want to. You haven’t felt deeply self-empowered since you don’t know when…

You’re successful in most other areas of your life and you’re at a loss for why living your healthier lifestyle is alluding you. 

Does this sound all too familiar?

What if...

You’re ready to invest in yourself because you’re worth it and you know it’s time

I have been the frenetic woman in business and all things mind and body

I have been the perfectionist wanna-be. I’ve only felt worthy when I was striving or suffering. I’ve overcome an eating disorder. I was the Queen of Mean in my self-talk for many, many, years. 

I’ve spent thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in self-betterment courses, books, seminars, programs, and therapy over the past 15 years and I want to share what’s helped me the most. When my guilt about my business got so over the top, I hired a high-dollar business coach when I couldn’t afford it.

I learned so much about myself through coaching and the experience was invaluable.  I’ve had to do a lot of deep diving to become my observer, not my judge, and to become my friend and confidant instead of my worst critic. I’ve learned how too forgive myself and others, and give myself grace as I go.  I continue to get coaching and believe that we all need to surround ourselves with others who want to up level their life.

This friendlier energy makes a fabulous partner in everything I do and I want every woman to experience it. It’s like being pulled towards possibilities with the attitude of “I get to” instead of being bullied into something because we “have to.”

A program to help you shift your mindset and create lasting change

The Mind Body Do-Over program is designed to help you prioritize YOU and your health goals, teach you how to live from a calmer and more confident energy, and finally let go of fighting with food and your body (or anything else you find yourself in resistance to).

You’ll receive GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT from someone who has been there, done that. You’ll have a safe space to investigate where you’ve been and where you want to go with your health (or anywhere you’ve been feeling stuck). You’ll be supported and guided as I invite you to set up new ways of being so you can live into more of who you are (dropping old habits and creating new ones using compassion, patience, and curiosity, inn place of harsh rules).

You’ll get LIFE tools that will help you see yourself in a new light; that solution-oriented woman who addresses all challenges with more love and ease and learns that she can handle anything. 

In Mind Body Do-Overs, You'll Do work that brings results and learn THAT...

My Promise To You

I promise to not just listen to you, but hear you.  I have your back. I’m on this journey with you and will meet you where you are. I’ll ask you to reach for your highest self so you can live your healthiest life, the one that is true to you.

xo, Robin

Mind Body Do-Overs

coaching programs for women who are ready to get their power back

This program can be purchased separately as a self-paced DIY program, but can be extremely powerful  when combined with weekly 1:1 coaching calls.

Module 1Your Starting Line

Before you can make real shifts, we need to understand where you are right now in your journey.

Module 2Build Your Foundation

Together, we’ll focus on flipping your internal dialogue while learning about forgiveness and letting go.

Module 3Clearing Obstacles

Get a handle on overwhelm, lack of energy, and other roadblocks that keep you stuck.

Module 4Move Your Body

See exercise through a new lens and develop the confidence to get moving.

Module 5Yum!

Change your relationship with food and create a new eating reality.

Module 6Live It!

Celebrate your wins and make a plan to help you address future challenges.

choices include program materials

Kind Words

I want you to know upfront

I won't...

I’m about seeing all of YOU and helping you design new ways of looking at yourself and your health. Because when you understand how your thoughts and beliefs lead to your actions and results, you can choose differently and become more of who you want to be! Transformation isn’t for the weak at heart AND it can be the coolest surrender you’ve ever gifted yourself.

Best part is… evolving is what we’re required to do in this life. So… when we agree to learn and “grow with the flow” we get to move with life instead of against it, which brings alignment and inner peace. Who doesn’t want that?!

Ready for your sweet surrender?
Let’s give you the permission and space you need to GET YOU ON YOUR WAY TO some real answers!

Your Investment


Next 12-week group coaching program starts Oct 2020!

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