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Helping busy women learn to enjoy exercise and feel great in their body, clothes, and mind

Stop Yo Yo Dieting and Exercise

You may feel...

like you're on a hamster wheel going nowhere fast

You’re frustrated because you know you need to exercise but feel too tired to even consider it. Hell, just going up a big flight of stairs makes you feel bad because you find yourself out of breath.

You’ve had some temporary wins with dieting in the past, but know that exercise plays a major role in any true transformation–not just physically, but mentally.

Your clothes are snug enough to be a distraction and you dread going to your closet each morning because it’s a huge reminder of how you feel in your body. You want that toned feeling back.

You don’t know where your motivation went, you used to have more of it. You’ve lost trust in yourself to follow through with your self-care and you’re bummed. Really bummed.

Change seems so hard, some days, even impossible. You would pay someone to exercise for you if you could! 

Can you imagine...

True change takes a commitment of time, energy, and investment in yourself

Robin McIntire Wellness Coach
Robin McIntire - Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach

I hated my body and food was the boss of me

My career in the fitness industry started in 1981 with certifications in group fitness and aerobics and since 2002, I’ve been an Independent Certified Personal Trainer. I’ve experienced overcoming bulimia and being stressed out about food and my body. Food is no longer the boss of me. And, I totally get it that true transformation takes time, energy, and patience!

Even though my eating disorder was years ago, the journey back to wholeness has been a long deep process. The years and work it’s taken me have created a passion that won’t go away. I help smart, busy women who have unintentionally put their health on the back burner. The women who lead others and their families, and unintentionally leave themselves off their to-do list. The women that know it doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing but somehow it is.

The bottom line… I love to guide women through dumping the guilt, putting themselves on the front burner, and finding out how she and everyone else benefits from her self care!

A Plan tailored to you and where you are on your journey

When you train with me, you’ll learn to move better so you want to move more. Learning safe and efficient movement while getting educated, not just told what to do. By learning how to tune into your body, you can trust it to be your guide; for many things, not just burning fat and calories.

I want for you what means most to you. You will be heard and honored. You have a lifestyle partner in me. Together, we will co-create your experience one session at a time, and help you take meaningful action on your exercise and health priorities.

what's included

Plus! 20% off my 3-Month Mind-Body Do-Over Program

What's It Like To Work With Me?

take the first step to feeling great in your body, clothes, and mind

Once you do, you’ll have made your first move which builds momentum, the scary part is over! No more torturing yourself with whether or not you’re worth it, how you will find the right person, will it be scary?, etc. you’re in! You will be building body confidence and new energy while being strongly supported and having accountability. A body in motion stays in motion, inertia is no more!

Making a big decision has put you in what else can I do? mode! You’re highly inspired, curious, and experimenting with all things healthier; you’re smiling at the idea that your fear and doubt are down and your belief is sky high! You’re making decisions with more ease because you’re feeling so empowered, life feels more lively and so do you!

Getting strong in your mind and body will lead to better energy for a better everything, I promise!

Your Investment


In-person or Zoom (as long as I can see your movement)
All sessions must be used within 3 months of purchase

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