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turn your confusion and doubtinto direction and clarity!

  Feeling unsure or stuck is usually accompanied by confusion, guilt, and self-doubt. Whether you’re on auto-pilot with an unwanted habit, or going through a personal challenge, I’ll help you get clear, release the guilt, and make a simple action plan.  Together, we’ll get you confidently moving forward. Then, we’ll meet back up for a follow-up call to celebrate and make any necessary tweaks! Committing to this first step can get you off the fence and feeling better immediately!

You're stuck

And your judgment feels awful

You know yourself well enough to recognize that tap on the shoulder you’ve been getting about that unwanted habit or personal challenge, but you can’t get yourself fully on board to change what’s not working. 

After losing focus, you usually get yourself back up and running pretty easily, but right now you’re not sure where your MOJO went; your inner critic is having a hay day with you, and the louder she gets, the more unsettled you feel.

All you want is to feel back in control and to get focused again. You want your self-trust and your self-confidence back so you can get back to feeling light and easy with your goals and in your life.

You’re usually good at finding solutions for yourself, so you’re resisting asking for help.  You could use a little BOOST but  you’re judging yourself for thinking you need to ask for support.

problem stone

Coaching holds a safe space for curiosity and self-exploration

Imagine the relief of finally coming forward with your unwanted habit, or personal challenge and realizing you’re not being judged, but championed! 

You’re being seen and heard while you’re sifting and sorting your thoughts, ideas, and answers to questions you’ve never asked yourself before. 

You’re feeling safe and supported as you’re gaining the self-awareness that shifts everything. Finally, you’ve surrendered and trust that asking for help is a strength and not a weakness and that feels freeing.

Imagine after your Session...

Solutions stone

I'll hold your belief until you can hold it for yourself!

Hi, I'm Robin McIntire

I’m a certified Life and Transitions Coach.  I work with ambitious women who have gotten off track in their personal or professional lives or are going through a challenging life shift.  Many of my clients are feeling stuck in unwanted habits, all-or-nothing thinking, or just want to feel inspired again.  I help them get clarity, shift their perspectives and routines, and give them powerful tools so they can get back to their confident way of being and a life they love.

Robin McIntire Coach

Are you ready to...

Your Spark Session Plus includes:

Foundation Kickstart Questionnaire

Upon booking this offer, you'll receive a link to your foundation kickstart questionnaire to help you prepare in order to get the most out of our Spark Clarity Session.

Clarity Zoom Session

You'll come ready with your completed questionnaire for this 90-minute Zoom call. Together, we'll get to the bottom of that one unwanted habit or personal challenge. You'll leave with momentum and an action plan in place!

Email Access between calls

Between our Spark Clarity Session and our Momentum Boost Follow-Up Call. When you have questions arise or want to celebrate a win, I'm here for you!

Momentum Follow-up Session

This is a 30-minute Zoom call where we celebrate your progress and fine-tune your needs; to stay on track or tweak your path, and empower you to stay true to yourself moving forward!

Let me help you down,
that fence will give you splinters.

Being stuck in an unwanted habit or personal challenge is distracting.  The energy of indecision is exhausting and does a number on your self-trust and confidence.  I’m inviting you to “rip off the band aid” and find out that it’s not as scary as the story you’ve been believing about it. (My stories were way worse than the reality when I was afraid to move forward.)

I've got you, let's do this!

Your Investment

Saying 'Yes' to Yourself Could Be the magic that's Been Missing all along


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