What's It Like to Work With Me?

Having had the opportunity to get to know you, I think you bring such an authentic self to each and every interaction. You are willing to champion your clients and to learn and grow alongside us. I have lost track of the number of times you have looked into something to provide me with additional resources to help and motivate me to keep going. You helped me to understand that transformation is more than exercise and nutrition—that it is essential to understand how our lives, experiences, and histories continue to impact our motivation and decisions and create challenges.

Susan K.
Past Client - Susan K

I have now been working with Robin for almost a year. It has been life changing. Robin has helped me evolve into the person I always knew I wanted to be but just was not quite sure how to get there. I was literally at diet bottom when we first met. A person who had lost probably a total of about 400 pounds over my lifetime, but an extreme yo-yo dieter always gaining back what I had lost if not more. I was really broken physically, mentally and spiritually! I wasn’t even sure if I should bother one more time to try even though being healthy and fit in all three of those areas was the number one thing that weighed heavy on my mind. I have never made a more perfect decision in my life then starting to work with Robin after our initial consultation

Carol B.
Past Client - Carol B

I want to take a moment to thank Robin McIntire for walking this journey with me. Encouragement with gentle confrontation, new ideas explored and suggested, old patterns examined and challenged. Robin is great at asking the next level question that always makes me think! I appreciate the fact that Robin is always researching, studying, learning. Makes me want to do the same. And she starts where I am, not where she might think I should be! Thanks, Robin! I appreciate you!

Shelley R.
Past Client - Shelley R

Robin makes working out enjoyable and educational! She's fun, creative and customizes just for me. She has become an indispensable part of my week and I always leave feeling energized and alive!

Heather B.
Past Client - Heather B

I have been working with Robin for over 5 months. I have more energy and I am learning how to exercise right. As Robin would say, "get more bang for my buck!" She works with you to find out triggers that might lead you down the wrong path and how to get you back on track without feeling deprived. She never makes you feel bad and she never judges. I look forward to working out now and love that I am learning and challenging myself. Thank you Robin!!

Marcia A.
Past Client - Marcia A

Robin is willing to work with you wherever you are in your fitness journey. She leads with passion, definitely, and gives so many ideas and tools to work with, physically and emotionally. I would highly recommend working with her!

Christi K.
Past Client - Christi K

I've helped hundreds of women see themselves differently, lightening their load mentally so they could give themselves grace on their way to their goal

I'd love to help you, too!

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