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To Release Weight, Start with the Simplest Form of Food Journaling

Keeping a food log can be uncomfortable.  Whatever goes down the hatch, goes on the paper.  There’s nowhere to fudge (hide), you’re either keeping one …

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MindsetWeight Loss

How to Embrace the Inevitable Weight Loss Plateau so you can Get Past it Quicker

You’ve been kicking butt with your newly adopted routine.  Eating a certain way and (hopefully) exercising your body.  You get excited when the numbers on …

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MindsetWeight Loss

Decide if now is a Good Time to Release Weight or Not

Have you been beating yourself up for not losing weight that you think you need or should release? Are you exhausted from the push-pull energy affecting your life? I …

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Weight Loss

6 Tips to Help you with Your Weight Loss

How do you feel when you add up all your time, effort, money, and emotional energy that has gone into dieting or weight loss? I’ve …

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Weight Loss; Get Proactive Now With These 5 Steps

Weight Loss; Get Proactive Now With These 5 Steps

“As soon as ______________,  I’ll start my fitness and weight loss journey.” Sound familiar?  You know that changing things up is a must if you …

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Unlock your ‘Want-To’ factor:
Your First Step to Releasing Unwanted Habits

We all know that willpower wanes, yet we still make ourselves wrong for not having “enough” of it.  Breaking habits isn’t dependent on willpower and there’s a way to create what you want without white-knuckling it.

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